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Leak Sealant

ACE EZ Leak-Stop Liquid Kit (ASEZ-LK)

ASEZ-LK is the most cost effective product on the market to seal microscopic leaks in HVAC/R system. ACE'S new refillable liquid system is simple, easy to use replacement for high cost application methods already on the market. ASEZ-L is supplied in a metered bottle and can easily be measured out subject to the size of the unit being treated. When added to the injector the liquid is then introduced to the system in the same manner as dye or oil when employing any inline injector unit.

Refills sold separately.

Permanently Seals Leaks in A/C and Refrigeration Systems.  Additives Protect Against Future Corrosion.  Very Effective for Preventative Maintenance.  Does Not React to Air or Moisture.  Compatible with All Lubricants and Refrigerants.  Safe for All A/C Systems, Components and Equipment.  Reduces Compressor Noise and Extends Compressor Life.  Reuseable Hose. 

Treats Up To 24 Tons

Product Information
ASEZ-LK - Sold Individually Refills sold seperately

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